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Thank you Charles for all your tutoring and not giving up on me when I would get frustrated with college algebra. With your help I will be passing this semester for sure. And a big help with your shortcut on figuring out half-life word problems. It was a BREEZE to that problem!!!! (There is something I NEVER have said about an algebra problem)
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
~Julie K~

Jenevy's grade in math went up to an 86.5%! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
~Jenavy's Mom~

Hey Mr. Henry
I would like to thank you for helping me with Algebra. On the second to last test I scored a 100% and on the last test I scored a 91%!

I wrote this letter for you because you never gave up on me.  Most teachers do not care about seeing their students succeed, but you had a way of explaining when I did not understand.  I really had a lot of fun learning with you.


Thank you so much for being a fantastic teacher.  The math teacher I have now does not make learning fun like you do.  I will miss not having a teacher as cool as you!

Doing homework was always a struggle in our home. My daughter refused to do any homework and it was taking its toll on her grades and the peace in our home. We were very frustrated. A friend suggested The Power Of Math. Going to the math learning center was the best decision we ever made. Our daughter does her homework now and harmony has been restored in our home. Thank you .


Thank you for helping me with my math to get better at it!


Passion to help others succeed is inspiring. Hey, Mr. Henry, thanks for everything you've done for me. I appreciate what you've done. You're a phenomenal teacher and the smartest person I've met! I hope nothing but success and happiness comes your way, again thank you for every thing. You're a great role model. I'll be seeing you soon Mr. Henry! Please keep doing what you're doing!

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