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Have you experienced the power of math?

Are you aware of how many students are in your child’s math class?

Independent of your child’s grade, how often do you feel they are learning?

Is math a chore for your child, or you, or is math fun and interesting?

Does improving your or your child’s math abilities weigh on your time and mental sanity?

The Power of Math is a math learning center that specializes in math from kindergarten through college and beyond. We provide:

Diagnostic Testing

Prescriptive Preparation



Homework Help


Homeschooling Assistance

Florida Virtual School Assistance

Math Assistance for Professional Licenses

. . . And More

We cater to the specific needs of each person.  We offer the highest value compared to the alternative options.


The Power Of Math
2808 Enterprise Road
Suite 101
Debary, FL 32713


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