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The Power of Math provides a quiet, safe, clean, supportive, and modern environment for all ages.  We offer flexible and convenient hours.

Our math coaches are trained, committed, passionate about math, caring, and encouraging.

Our students discover a love of learning, strive to their potential, learn how to think, and realize that math can be fun.  Our students become problem solvers, confident, empowered, successful, willing, and enthusiastic.  

It is typical for a child or an adult to say, “I am not good at math”, or “I hate math”. This typically takes place because we are intimidated by math. The more we understand math, and how it can help us in our lives, the more passionate we become about math. When there is passion about math, growth with math skills becomes much easier.

Math is important because it is the most widely used subject in the world. It can help you make money. It can help you save money. It can help you lose less money. With this in mind, math skills will probably be most important in your everyday personal life, yet every career uses some sort of math. Solving math problems helps the mind to reason and organize complicated situations or problems into clear, simple, and logical steps. Thus, as we learn more math, the rationale is that our minds will eventually develop into logical entity that can resolve any difficult situation. The reality is that in a society such as ours, high paying jobs often demand someone who can take such complicated situations and simplify it to the level that everone can understand.  

The more math you know, the more options you have available. Therefore, by knowing more math, children and adults can give themselves the competitive edge. In these current economic times, this has become even more important.

With any type of exercise routine it is important to follow through with a plan multiple times throughout the week.  At The Power of Math we exercise the minds of our students.  This “workout” is facilitated by math “coaches.”  Typically 1 math coach will be available for every 3 students present.  Private coaching is also available.  The recommendation for this “workout of the mind”, for this “training of the mind”, and for this “growth of the mind” is two 60 minute engaging “workouts” per week.  We permit up to an additional 30 minutes a week as an additional benefit to our results driven “workouts”.  With our high value “workouts”, a 60 to 90 minute segment is considered optimum for most students. 


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